Sacred Journey to Transylvania

Sacred Journey to Transylvania on August 9, 2013 in , CA : You are invited to experience an amazing Sacred Journey to Romania to explore and integrate powerful cosmic energies that are available at this time.
August 9-19th 2013 Ten Year Biorhythm Cosmic Pulse Gathering
WHEN:Friday August 9th - Monday August 19th
WHERE:Magical Transylvania A Portal into Time
, CA
COST:$2,496.00 Early Bird Pricing Until 6/24!

You are invited to experience an amazing Sacred Journey to Romania to explore and integrate powerful cosmic energies that are available at this time. Since 2013 is considered to be a major ten year biorhythm cycle and a crucial time reference this is truly a unique and a once in a lifetime journey. This journey WILL change your life forever.
Please let us know if you will be joining us as space is limited.

There are places that are portals or Stargates into other dimensions. They are activated by cosmic and territorial energies coming together at the right time. When this occurs, these magical places are open not only to higher dimension of awareness but to Infinity itself.

2013 is considered to be a major biorhythm and a crucial time reference. We will work with these energies as our theme into the Secrets of Time and Space is according to the principles of synchronicity and destiny.
Authors Peter Moon and Romanian investigator Radu Cinamar tell of a secret chamber in their books that was discovered in 2003 beneath the Romanian Sphinx in the Bucegi mountains that is said to contain an ancient “Hall of Records” with vast information in holographic form left by an advanced civilization near three mysterious tunnels leading into the Inner Earth, Tibet and Giza. The book "Transylvanian Sunrise" chronicles the discovery of these modern-day artifacts that represent the dawn of a new era for Humankind.

People are now rediscovering the amazing history of Romania. A history beyond Time and Space - where Sacred places, New Discoveries, Vast Tunnel systems, and Rich Traditions of Immortals and Magical Inner Beings merge into a new paradigm of Truth.

Special Quest Presenter: PETER MOON is an author of over a dozen books, including “The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time” and its subsequent sequels. He has most recently published the work of Romanian author Radu Cinamar into the English language. He has also collaborated with time travel scientist, Dr. David Anderson, who arranged for him to visit Romania in 2008. Peter has since returned to Romania every year and has taken multiple journeys to Romania’s sacred sites. Peter Moon is also a practioner of Taoist Chi Gong. He will make himself available during this journey for optional instructions in the use of Chi Gong (a Chinese word meaning "breath work") to overcome physical challenges or to enhance your general well-being.

From PETER MOON: “Since the dawn of time, Mankind had recognized the importance of the Cosmic Pulse that runs each year from August 10th - August 14th. The Mayans recognized August 11th as the beginning of their calendar. The Egyptians referred to August 12th as the birthday of Isis and it was their most holy time of the year, a time when Sirius is in its closest aspect to the earth. August 12th was also the date of the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 and the Montauk Project in 1983. It was in August of 2003 that the discovery beneath the Romanian Sphinx took place. August 2013 will mark the ten year biorhythm since the Bucegi discovery, and it is forecast to be a very important and auspicious time.”

“In Transylvania Sunrise, Cezar Brad was taken by his mentor, General Obadea, to visit Father Arsenie Boca, a remarkable priest with extraordinary abilities, including his ability to see into the future. Thirteen years before his own passing, Father Boca foresaw the great discovery that would take place beneath the Sphinx and shared it with Cezar, telling him that Romania would become the focus point of the entire world. Since his passing, Father Boca’s gravesite in Transylvania has been treated as a sacred site by Romanians and people flock there to this day. It is a place where many miracles are reported to occur.”

“Right after Father Boca’s death, the communist regime ended in Romania and excavations of many previously neglected archeological sites began. By happenstance, a mysterious and enigmatic archeologist, Professor Contantin, discovered an access point to a subterranean complex of tunnels that was once occupied by an ancient civilization. In 2012, during the August biorhythm, I was in Transylvania and a Romania guide who knew Professor Constantin pointed out to me the Valley of the Golden Thrones, the local name for the area where these tunnels exist. On this journey this man will be our guide and we will invoke the permission of the spirits of the land to go deeper into this mysterious valley.”

Our journey will begin in Bucharest with a blessing from Father Pantelimon, a disciple of Father Arsenie Boca, who knew about the remarkable discoveries beneath the Sphinx independent of Radu Cinamar’s books. We have arranged for him to speak to us as part of our welcome dinner. We then depart for Sarmizetusa the ancient city of the Immortals and the mysterious Golden Valley. We then continue on to explore and experience the Romanian Sphinx, and the Ialomi?a Cave of Initiation which is a genuine gateway to the inner earth where we will meditate here and also in the Valley of the Golden Thrones in Transylvania for greater illumination. Come join us for a trip Beyond the Beyond to unknown possibilities.

Joy Travel Vanda Osmon: “It has been written; In Time the Truth shall be revealed and ancient hidden knowledge will be awakened. Many will feel the call to return to ancient temples and sacred sites when the energy is at its highest to hear masters speak and where ancient wisdom is revealed.”

We are in the time of prophecies and global transformation. It is also a time of new beginnings with tremendous opportunities. We are developing a heightened spiritual perspective and a compassion heart that can transform our world through intuition, intention, conscious choices and positive action. Today many people are learning to trust the unknown and follow synchronicity or events that bring us insights and information when needed. This is the time we have waited for and we are the ones to make it happen!

Where Science Fiction Meets Reality - On this journey you will learn about the real history of Romania and the Ancient Dacians called the Immortal Ones. Their vast knowledge was transported across the globe through different eras in varying formats which includes the Vedas of India, the Taoist tradition of China, and the doctrines of Ahura-Mazda as taught by Zoroaster, and the Egyptian empire. The Thracian race was great throughout all the Antiquity, and famed because of their physical resistance and their overall skills regarding traditional medicine, their ancient language that may predate Sanscipt. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher once confessed to have learned, straight from one of their teachers an incantation that “was “Able to make Humans beings immortal”. Picture from

The Power of individual and collective Transformation - On this amazing journey you will feel the sacred places come alive as we activate our highest potential and radiate our love to all humanity. Come join us!

Scheduling flexibility. The itinerary is subject to change due to weather, circumstances beyond our control and magical spontaneous events that may occur.

August 8th 2013 US CLIENTS DEPART
US Clients leave for overnight flight to Bucharest

Day 1: Fri Aug 9th, 2013 – BUCHAREST – GATHERING DAY
Multiple Transfers from Airport to our Hotel. Please arrive by 6:30PM or come in the day before. Comfortable 4 star Hotel Novotel Bucharest or similar. Welcome Dinner 7:30PM talk and blessing with Father Pantelimon.

HERE IS FOREVER, THE WORLDS UNITE: The Sacred city of Sarmizegetusa is where we will be for the Cosmic Pulse. The Grand Synchronization August 10th – August 14th occurs each year with special cosmic frequencies available every 10 and 20 years cycles. August 2013 will mark the ten year biorhythm since the Bucegi discovery beneath the Romanian Sphinx Mountain and it will be an important time for the entire world. Energetically alive and active, the ancient temples sites were infused with divine power for greater illumination. Sites will vary and we are looking into other amazing places to ask for spiritual permission to visit. We will be spontaneous and follow our hearts to the most perfect sites to work with the high energies at this very special time.

After breakfast depart for Sarmizegetusa. A wonderful traveling day through magnificent Romania landscape. Approximate an eight hour drive. Lunch will be on our own. We are scheduled to visit the remarkable gravesite of Arsenic Boca gravesite at 5pm, all according to traffic. This will include the Prislop Monastery and the Cave of Saint Ioan de la Prislop. Arrive B&B Pensiunea Cotiso for dinner (D)

Costesti - It was a sacred site to the ancient Dacians and contains its own network of underground tunnels. Our B&B is a wonderful place with home like atmosphere. The food is amazing, grown locally in an unspoiled region of the world. Local honey, a stream close by, a fire pit for fireside talks with beautiful flowers all in bloom. Here we will nurture our mind, body and soul as we expand our heart to the stars.

Day 3: Sun Aug 11th, 2013 - VALLEY OF THE GOLDEN THRONES
There will be special talks with Peter Moon and our expert Romanian guide. They will talk of the portals to the other worlds, the Inner Earth Tunnels and the mysteries and vast potential within the heart of this ancient land. Where we will be this day will be determined onsite. B&B Pensiunea Cotiso (BLD)

Day 4: Mon Aug 12th, 2013 – SACRED VALLEY OF THE GODS
Sarmizegetusa was the most important, religious and political center of the Dacians. In ancient Sanskrit the name means flow, enlightenment and the place that illuminates the world of life. Explore architectural wonders such as the 365,242197 day calendar, the solar disc, the colonnade, and much more. B&B Pensiunea Cotiso (BLD Picture from

Day 5: Tues Aug 13th, 2013 – SACRED VALLEY OF THE GODS
Visit Costesti, Hill forts - sacred megalithic Dacian complex. Fireside talks with Peter and our guide. B&B Pensiunea Cotiso (BLD)

Day 6: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013 – BUCEGI NATIONAL PARK
Depart from Transylvania stopping along the way. Check into the best hotel in the National Park the 4 star Pestera Spa Hotel (B&D). Dinner and special gathering with Peter. (Space here is limited so please register early to secure your place in this wonderful hotel).

After breakfast, take the Gondolas to experience the Sphinx known as the Babele rock formation, which means “the Old women”. It is here where ancient tunnels and technology have been found deep within the earth. Return to our hotel and late afternoon meditation at Ialomite Cave. In a private ceremony at this spectacular cave we will experience the cave of initiation used by the ancient Dacian priests. We will attune to the inner and above beings as well as other dimensional beings to receive the highest energies that are available to us. Pestera Spa Hotel. (BD)

Depending upon the weather - we will take a beautiful hike to the Shrine of Hestia and the waterfall. If we have not visited the Sphinx we can do it here. Evening talk with Peter. Pestera Spa Hotel (BD

Day 9: Sat Aug 17th, 2013 – BUCHAREST – RETURN TO BUCHAREST
After breakfast return to Bucharest stopping for lunch on our own. Check into the 4 star Hotel Novotel. or similar. (BD)

Day 10: Sun. Aug 18th, 2013 – BUCHAREST – FREE DAY
Free day to shop or explore Bucharest on your own. Farwell Romanian dinner and celebration. (BD)

Day 11: Mon. Aug 19th, 2013 – DEPARTURE
After breakfast, multiple departures from hotel to airport. (B)


This Amazing Journey Includes:

Transfers to and from Airport
Hotels 4 star Novotel in Bucharest, Best hotel in the National Park 4 star Pestera Spa Hotel and the lovely B&B Pensiunea Cotiso
Most meals as indicated
Entrances fee when needed
Deluxe bus transportation
Wonderful talks and gathering with Peter Moon and our expert Guide
The itinerary does not include:

Airfare from/to your home location
Drinks with Meals
Personal Items, Laundry, Tips for you own room, etc.
Travel insurance highly recommended. Please see helpful hints.
Tips and gratuities approximately $50.00 per person for the entire program.

Excellent Prices for this Romania Adventure - Early registration is needed to secure your space for this one in a lifetime journey. To book this tour, please complete the form as soon as possible and send in your $600 deposit OR Save and pay for the entire program with Reduced Early Bird Pricing.

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THE REGULAR PRICING with payments: $2,696.00 2060€
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